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KUpTime 1.0.9 - by Sicks 06/04/2006 @ 15:10

A new version of KUpTime is available (v1.0.9).

What's new ?
- Manage clock's color (5 choices).

KUpTime 1.0.8 - by Sicks 05/04/2006 @ 23:09

A new version of KUpTime is available (version 1.0.8).

What's new ?

- Display current date-time with a nice-looking clock (thanks to Hans Dietrich's).
- Resizable dialog.
- Able to change clock's color of second hand.
- Add a button to quickly change window's size.
- Review "About" box UI.

For more informations, please read text files in the Zip file.

Download here

KUpTime 1.0.7 - by Sicks 26/03/2006 @ 16:38

A new version of KUpTime is available (version 1.0.7).

What's new ?

- Auto hide Windows's clock on start up.
- Display OS installation date-time.
- Display current date-time.
- "Always on top" (on/off).

For more informations, please read text files in the Zip file.

Download here

K1 v1.0.6 - by Sicks 14/03/2006 @ 14:38

A new version of K1 is available.

Main changes are:

- K1 shouldn't crash for some users on start up.
- New informations about system and hardware informations.
- General improvments (code and interface).

For more informations, please, read the changelog.

Have a good time smile

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